I didn't invent the internet I just make it look good

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I'm an aspiring web developer with more than 6 years of experience, specializing in business and personal websites/apps and content management systems.

I design and develop responsive content using the most current and modern technologies to provide the best user experience while satisfying customer needs.

My previous employment and management experience provides me with leadership skills that allow me to effectively communicate with others to achieve our goals.

It has provided me the knowledge of understanding and communicating successfully with customers to satisfy their needs. I am also a fast learner who enjoys challenges and thrives in a fast paced, goal oriented environment.


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I master cutting edge web technologies and I am ready to put my skills in use and help you develop the project you always wanted! I use a variety of the latest technologies from modern CSS, SASS, JavaScript and React to WordPress in the Front-end. I use Nodejs and PHP in the Back-end.


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